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I'm not sure when I turned into a Free! blog but I guess it happened because of these stupid fuckers. This is my personal, multi-fandom blog but it's mostly Free! and Kuroko no Basuke at the moment with some video games here and there.
i knew you'd cry

I’ve been scrolling mobile for like half an hour aka I should probably go shower and get ready for class.


i need this hella self indulgent AU in my life sob

Character Growth in Free! Eternal Summer Episode 11


"We'll take the world by storm together."


(Source - https://twitter.com/rutoru_t07/status/511924804056657920 )

It basically says that when they were drawing that panel they wanted Sousuke’s smirk to look as if he was thinking "Found you…"

※ Permission granted by the artist to repost

URL meme: mahkoto
"Due to his caring personality, he always has a gentle smile on his face."



smilingswan asked: daddy charming or mummy regina

 Zuko gifset  per episode

s02e07 - Zuko Alone

Free! - Good things come in pairs